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Image:MercTechUOverviewGraphic.png|alt=Merc Tech U Overview
Image:MercTechUOverviewGraphic.png|alt=Merc Tech U Overview
default [[FTD Mercury|FTD Mercury]]
default [[FTD Mercury|FTD Mercury]]
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rect 125 35 385 50 [[FTD Mercury X3 Fall Installation Instructions]]

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FTD Mercury Point of Sale Running FTD Mercury X3
FTD Mercury Point of Sale Running FTD Mercury X3

Affordable. Powerful. Easy-to-use. FTD Mercury is a comprehensive shop management solution that cuts overhead, handles day-to-day floral management tasks, and helps you concentrate on customer service and satisfaction. Simplify your business, streamline your workflow, increase sales, and generate more profit - all with FTD Mercury.

New & Enhanced

If you're upgrading from an older version of FTD Mercury, there are exciting new enhancements that have been added to help you manage your business even better!

New & Enhanced in FTD Mercury X3 Fall

FTD Mercury X3 Fall's centerpiece feature is the Event Planner. In addition, there are several other minor features and enhancements. Additionally, in May 2012, SMS text messaging support was added. In September 2012, FTD Florist Link was significantly enhanced.

New & Enhanced in FTD Mercury X3

The Basics

FTD Wire Orders

Order Management

Customer Management




Credit & Debit Cards


Event Planner

FTD Mercury Operations

Full FTD Mercury Documentation


FTD Mercury X3 Fall Installation Instructions
alt=Merc Tech U OverviewAbout this image
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