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Mercury messages are a way for you to communicate with other florists, FTD Headquarters,, and your Floral Business Consultant (FBC). Several Mercury Message types have been created to assist you with this communication, and they allow you to perform several business functions for your store including placing orders and administering FTD billing activity. Message types have also been created to respond to other Mercury Messages.

Mercury Messages are divided into four main groups:


The Mercury Order Message is a message that allows you to create an order to send to another florist on the Mercury Network. You create Mercury Order messages by entering an order in Point of Sale or Order Entry and sending it to a filling florist over the Mercury Network.


Most Mercury Messages are ones you send in response to an incoming message (whether that be an order or subsequent message from another florist). Responses include the following:

Message Type Description
Price Change To request a price change. This is typically when you receive an incoming order from another florist and you would like more money for the item(s) the sending florist is ordering. Price changes are done via ASK messages, but they have their own option in the Response menu in Message Center.
Ask Message To make order-related inquiries. Price change requests are also done via ASK messages.
Answer Message To respond to an ASK message.
Cancellation Message To request that a filling Member or the Host Computer cancel a previously sent order.
Confirmation Message To confirm a CANcel request.
Delivery Confirmation Message To send a confirmation of delivery to the sending florist.
Deny Message To refuse a CANcel request.
Forward Message To forward an order to another Member.
Reject Message To reject an order.

Suspend/Resume Terminal Messages

The Suspend message allows you to suspend your system temporarily from receiving orders or messages. When you send a Suspend message, you also set the time and date when you want your terminal to start receiving messages again. After you have sent a Suspend message, if you want to change the time or date when you want to start receiving messages again, you can send a Resume message.

Miscellaneous Messages

There are several “miscellaneous” messages that allow you to perform other tasks. These messages include:

Message Type Description
General Message To send general messages to other Mercury Members, FTD, or your FBC.
Adjustment Report Message To report an error on the Outgoing Orders section of the Combined Report (sending Member only).
REC Message List To report Mercury orders that you receive by telephone to the FTD Clearing House.
Retrieval Message To retrieve previously transmitted messages.

Message Tasks & Windows

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