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Using FTD Mercury, you can receive incoming orders from the Mercury Network, Florists Online (FOL), Flowers All Hours (FAH), and Web sites via the Web Order Interface (WOI). Most of these orders already contain all the information necessary to process the order; Automatic Order Processing (AOP) in FTD Mercury allows you to configure your system to handle these orders automatically if they contain all necessary information for processing. This saves you time, and allows you to focus on orders that cannot be processed automatically. Those orders are still available as usual in Message Center.

For example, you may have a Web site that allows customers to place orders. If a customer places an order for a recipient outside of your delivery zones, AOP can automatically process the order and send the Mercury order to a filling florist where the recipient lives—without your intervention.

Automatic Order Processing is set up on a per-florist code level (that is, you can have different configurations for different shop codes if you are a multi-shop florist). You can configure AOP in the Automatic Order Processing screen in Mercury Administration.


You must be processing credit cards over the Internet (via a high-speed connection) to use Automatic Order Processing.

Orders that have been processed automatically appear in Message Center with the order number assigned to them. Orders that cannot be processed automatically appear Message Center and are included in the list when you open the Message Center from Order Entry or Point of Sale (search for messages requiring attention). Once Automatic Order Processing determines it cannot process an order automatically, it will not reattempt to process it automatically later.

Once an order has been automatically processed, it appears in the Ticket Search window with other processed orders.


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