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Beginning in FTD Mercury X3, you can send customers order confirmations to let them know their order has been processed. As with delivery confirmations, this is done using a template in FTD Document Center. You are able to select the template and email address to use on a customer-by-customer basis in the General tab of the Customer Detail Information window. You can also send ad hoc order confirmations from both Order Entry and Point of Sale.

Order confirmations are sent during the regular FTD Mercury polling interval, which occurs approximately every five minutes. Order confirmations are not sent when:

  • You have a cash and carry sale
  • A credit card is declined or receives an error
  • An order is filed
  • An order is marked as a C.O.D.
  • An order is canceled
  • An order is a refund
  • You update an order

Order Confirmation Tasks

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