Configuring Email Settings for Customers

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If you have already set up customers, you may need to configure their email settings to take advantage of features introduced in FTD Mercury X3. These include order confirmations, as well as the ability to send order confirmations, delivery confirmations, invoices, statements, and personal email messages to different email addresses.

To configure email settings for existing customers:

  1. Perform a Customer Search. Once you've located the customer, double-click on them to open the Customer Detail Information window.
  2. If it is not already displayed, click the General tab.
  3. In the email area, select the type of email messages you want to send to the customer. For each of the following options, first select whether you want to email that type of message, and pick the address to use for that message type (if the email address you want to use is not available, you can click on the Email Addresses button to open the Customer Email Addresses window to add it):
    • E-Mail Messages
    • Invoices
    • Order Confirmations
    • Delivery Confirmations
    • Statements
  • Click Save.


You can also enable email settings for all existing accounts with associated email addresses from the Email screen in Mercury Administration.

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