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If you are using Mercury Connect with FTD Mercury X3 Fall or later, reports are handled through Report Center.

FTD Mercury allows you to generate several different reports to assist you in the daily operations of your shop. In addition to financial reporting functionality, the reports in this section are designed as business management tools. Most reports are generated and displayed in Microsoft Excel. The system retrieves information from your store’s database to generate each type of report. Once the report is displayed on your screen, you can save or print it.


This section discusses reports. For information on Marketing templates (standard templates and templates used with Mercury Marketing), see Marketing.

Accessing Business Reports


In order to use Business Reports, you must have full access to Reports in Mercury Administration. You can control employee access to Business Reports based on employee types.

To access FTD Mercury reports:

  1. On the FTD Mercury Main Menu, click Business Reports.
  2. Double-click Mercury Forms.
  3. Double-click the name of the report you want to generate.
  4. If you receive a security warning about the template containing macros, click Enable Macros. This is normal and the macros are required to generate the report.
  5. Depending on the report, you may have to configure one or more windows to set necessary options for the report (such as a date range).
  6. Click Finish to generate the report.

List of Business Reports

FTD Mercury provides the following business reports:

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