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Congratulations and welcome to FTD Mercury! FTD Mercury is a complete Windows-based business tool that allows you to communicate easily with other florists and FTD Headquarters through the Mercury Network. FTD Mercury also automates other areas of your store, such as your customer database and the products you sell in your store.

FTD Mercury allows you to:

Resources for Help

If you have an FTD Mercury usability issue, the following resources may be helpful to you:

  • Press F1 to display a help page for most windows within FTD Mercury.
  • Open Merc Tech U by clicking the question mark (?) button in the lower left corner of the FTD Mercury Main Menu. You can also visit it by opening your Web browser to floristwiki.ftdi.com.
  • Click Contents on the Help menu to open to the FTD Mercury online help table of contents on Merc Tech U.

If you cannot find the answer to your question through the resources listed here, call the Mercury Technology Assistance Center Monday through Friday from 7am to 7pm or Saturday from 7am to 6pm Central Time at 1-888-309-2244. You may also send a GENeral Message to 90-5034AA.

Other Important Phone Numbers

  • FTD Member Services: 1-800-669-1000
  • Mercury Technology Sales: 1-800-767-3222

Other FTD Products and Services

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