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FTD Mercury provides the capability to process credit cards directly within the application. If you have a high-speed Internet connection (DSL, broadband, etc.), you can also take advantage of processing credit cards over the Internet, eliminating the need for an additional phone line.

Credit Card Tasks

FTD CashFlo Credit Card Program

As an FTD Member, you do not have to look any further than the FTD CashFlo Program to find the very best credit card service in the floral industry. Offering complete credit card processing services for all Members, the program includes electronic recording of transactions and authorization service and equipment. Simple to use for all major credit cards, yet very affordable, the FTD CasFlo Program provides a variety of benefits that will make processing credit cards the easiest business transaction of your busy day.

To sign up for credit card services, call CashFlo at 1-800-788-9000 x4262. For more information, visit

Credit Cards over the Internet

FTD Mercury runs on a high-speed Internet connection, and all credit card transactions are processed this way. This technology is sometimes referred to as CCAPI technology. Not only does this increase authorization speed, but it also eliminates the need for a dedicated phone line for credit card transactions. Bookkeeping tasks are also reduced because credit cards processed over the Internet are automatically settled each night—without your intervention. Automatic settlement also ensures timely deposits from FTD when you elect to have direct deposit to your bank account.

Once you have signed up to process credit cards over the Internet, you need to configure your system to do so using the Credit Cards screen in Mercury Administration.


You must be processing Credit Cards over the Internet to install FTD Mercury.

Cards on File

Beginning with FTD Mercury X2, FTD Mercury does not store credit card information locally. If you have a CashFlo account, FTD Mercury instead stores a unique identification number for each number processed on your system. The actual number is stored remotely at a data center maintained by FTD and accessed during credit card authorization. For your convenience, a masked version of the credit card number (displaying the last four digits of the credit card number only) is displayed. If you have used FTD Mercury prior to FTD Mercury X2, the only noticeable difference is that credit cards are immediately masked after entering them and cannot be unmasked to view the entire number.

If, for some reason, you do not have a CashFlo account with FTD, you will be unable to store credit cards in the Credit Cards tab in the Customer Detail Information window. This affects your ability to process new orders (including copied orders) without obtaining the credit card number from your customer again. Additionally, if you need to process a refund or a voice authorization, you will need to re-enter the card number again. For these reasons, FTD strongly recommends you use an FTD CashFlo account for credit card processing. Contact the FTD CashFlo department at 1-800-788-9000 x4262 to enroll.

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