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This information applies to FTD Mercury X2 Fall and later versions, Mercury Connect, and Mercury Direct 5.0 and later versions. If you are an FTD Mercury or Mercury Direct customer and not on one of the versions where FTD Florist Link is included, contact the Mercury Technology Assistance Center (MTAC) at 1-800-309-2244 for information on how to upgrade to the current version.

alt=Training Video Available

There is a video available on this topic.

To search for a facility:

  1. In FTD Mercury or Mercury Connect, perform a Facility Search from either the Search menu on the FTD Mercury Main Menu, from Order Entry or Point of Sale, or from the Funeral Log. If you are using Mercury Direct, see Mercury Direct: Facility Search.
  2. In the Facility Search window, enter search criteria for the facility. You can search by city and state/province, ZIP/postal code, and/or facility name. Be sure to select the appropriate facility type (hospital, funeral home, or nursing home).
  3. Click Search.

Results are displayed in the results list, and corresponding balloons are placed on the map to show you the location of the facilities.

Florists who are associated with a facility have individual badges in their listing in the results list.

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