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In FTD Mercury, you enter sales in Order Entry or Point of Sale. Each sale has a single customer, and contain one or more tickets (which equate to jobs that must be performed for the sale). Each ticket has the common customer, but can otherwise be unique (that is, have different recipients, order types, delivery zones, delivery dates, and card messages). You should create a new ticket within a sale if one or more of the following is true:

  • There are different recipient addresses for items in the sale
  • The items in the sale need to go to a different delivery zone
  • The order is a different type (wire out, carry out, local delivery)
  • The order is for a different date
  • If you have multiple recipients and each card message is unique.

Within each ticket, you have one or more products (items). If you have multiple tickets, you may have identical items in each ticket. Because most orders have only one ticket, when you are searching for tickets, you are searching for orders. However, if more than one ticket exists for an order, you can limit the search to a particular ticket by using /1, /2, /3, etc., in the order number. If you do not use the particular ticket number when searching for an order, all tickets are included in the results.

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