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You can fax and email statements and invoices directly from FTD Mercury. Additionally, you can email delivery confirmations. The FTD Document Center allows you create custom email templates—you can write your own text, import your own graphics, and even insert customer and order information into the email message to personalize the message for each customer.

The Fax & Email Monitor application allows you to view and resend all faxes and email messages sent from your system. It informs you which faxes and email messages have been successfully sent and which have not, so that you can ensure you are reaching all of your customers.

You can fax and/or email statements to your customers rather than (or in addition to) sending statements through the mail. Faxing and emailing statements to your customers saves hours of time printing statements and stuffing envelopes. Over time, it can save you thousands of dollars on labor, statement paper, envelopes, and stamps. See Required Setups for Faxing and Emailing Statements for more information on faxing and emailing statements.

You can also fax or email invoices from Ticket Search.

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