Faxing and Emailing Invoices

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In addition to printing invoices, you can also fax and/or email an invoice to a customer.


Mercury Connect does not support faxing.


The setup requirements for faxing and emailing invoices are the same as for faxing and emailing statements.

To fax or email an invoice to a customer:

  1. Perform a ticket search to locate the order.
  2. Select the order and click Output Invoice. The Output Options window appears, allowing you to set your print/fax/email settings.
  3. Select whether you want to print, fax, and/or email the invoice to the customer.
  4. Check the settings for each option. Make sure the fax number and email address fields are populated, and indicate the cover letters you want to use.
  5. When you are finished, click Execute and the print job/fax/email is sent.

To view the status of the fax or email, check the Fax & Email Monitor. For faxes and email messages, the Fax and Email Monitor displays the order/ticket number, customer name, status, sent date/time, fax number/email address, and number of attempts.

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