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You can update the product information on your website. You can change what you offer on your site as well as where your offerings are listed.

Custom Products

Show your customers the products that you make that no one else can. This also allows you to stand apart from other shops that use only the FTD images. Learn more!

Category Management

Change the order of products in a category, the order of the categories, the items in a category, and create new custom categories. Learn more!

Product Activation/Prices

Here you can change the pricing on your site and what items are currently available. Learn more!

Product Subgroups

Subgroups are groups of products that you can be a member of and have added to the website. These are in addition to the Floral Selection Guide items. Learn more!

Website Discounts

Discounts can be added to your site to offer items on sale. They can also be created to require a specific code. Learn more!

Promotion Products

These are the products on your home page. Learn how to set which items are displayed first!

Dropship Venders

You may have a relationship with a vender on your own. You can set up a dropship vender. This will allow you to charge a different delivery fee for specific items as well. Learn more!

Season-specific Promotion Products

This is only available for the Café Chic template. Learn how to set the items for the homepage for the Café Chic template here!

GBB Pricing

Here you can turn on the Good, Better, Best option if you have not done so already. You can also set the pricing for all the items, or for each individual item. Learn more here!

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