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You control the items that are on your site. You also control the pricing.

In the Product Activation/Prices section, you can:

Product Activation

Turn products off that you no longer carry. If you have the item again, turn it back on. Learn more!

Change Your Everyday Prices

You control your pricing. Set your everyday prices so that your customers see the same price on your site that they are charged in your store. Learn more!

Call For Price

Set an item as Call For Price if you want the customer to have to call you to order. Learn more!

Date Specific Pricing

You can set your pricing by date. This allows you to set pricing for a holiday, or discount items during a specific time period. Learn more!

Override Availability

Seasonal and Holiday items are only available during certain times of the year. You can override this for your site. Learn more!

Update Entire Portion of the Floral Selection Guide

You can update multiple products at once assuming that they are all being increased or decreased by the same amount. Learn more!

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