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You can control the products that are in each category. You should display your custom products in your categories as well as make sure that your best selling items are displayed first so that customers can find them easier.

The following options are available when updating your categories:

Create New Category

You can create a new category to help display custom products. This can also be useful if you want to highlight specific items for an event that is going on in your store. Learn more!

Deleting A Category

You can delete any custom category that you have added to your site. Learn more!

Deactivating A Category

You can deactivate any default FTD category that you would like. You also would want to deactivate a custom category if you would like to have it available for future use. Learn more!

How Default Items Are Added

You can determine how default items are added to a category. Learn what the different options mean and how to maintain your categories in the future based on your selection.

Change Category Name

You can change the name of any category on your website. Learn more!

Moving Categories

You can change the order the categories appear on your site. Learn more!

Add or Remove Items from a Category

You can add or remove any item from each individual category. This allows the item to remain on your site in other locations, but not in the category you selected. Learn more!

Sorting Products in Categories

You can change the order the products appear in each category. Learn more!

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