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There are many areas that you can change the content on your website. Updating this information will give you better search engine results. View the individual sections to see how to update information and suggestions for updating.

About Us

Here you can update all the information on the About Us page. This includes the summary, the bullet points, and the header. You should also include a photo of your shop on this page. Learn more about the About Us page! Or, click the link below to the section that you would like to update for instructions on completing.

Our Guarantee

Here you can update the Our Guarantee page on your website. Tell your customers what your promise to them is. Learn more about the Our Guarantee page!

Product Category Messages

Include a message on your product categories to tell your customers why they should order from you for this occasion. Learn more about the Product Category Messages!

Florist Message A

This is your first opportunity to introduce yourself to your customers. Update this information so that your customers know why they should choose you. Learn more about Florist Message A!

Florist Message B

This is a second opportunity on your homepage to tell your customers about you. Get into as much detail as you would like with this message area. Learn more about Florist Message B!


If a customer does a generic search for a florist, they will find the page. You can include a message here to grab your customer’s attention and tell your customers to choose you. Learn more about the Offerline!

Website Pop-ups

This pop-up on your homepage will allow you to draw your customer’s attention to something specific on your site. Tell you customers about sales, specials, and events in this pop-up. Learn more about Website Pop-ups!

Homepage Banners

Navigation banners can be added to your homepage that will link to other pages in your site or to other sites. Learn more about Homepage Banners!

Google Site Verification

Verify your site with Google by inputting the coding that Google provides. Learn more about Google Site Verification!

Email Capture

Capture your customer’s email addresses even if they do not place an order on your site. This will allow you to market to everyone that visits your site. Learn more about Email Capture!

Custom Content Pages

Content pages are an excellent way to share even more information with your customers. They can also be used to display a gallery of your wedding work. Learn more about how to use Content Pages!

Delivery Info Message

The wording on the Delivery Info page of your site can be updated to include specific instructions as well as list the cities and facilities that you deliver to. Learn more about the Delivery Info page!

Wedding Info Page

The content on your Wedding page can be updated. Use this area to provide your brides with important information about your work. Learn more about the Wedding Info Page!

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