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The About Us Bullet Points is an area that you can tell your customers why they should choose you. Give 6 reasons to the member why you are different from others. Each bullet point can be “clickable” and go to a separate page elaborating on the information in the bullet point.


  • Tell your customers what your satisfaction guarantee is
  • Share Customer Testimonials
  • Tell your customers about special services you offer

In order to update this section:

  • Log on to Web Portal (www.myftdsite.com)
  • Click on the Administration tab at the top
  • On the left, under content, click on About Us
  • In the center, click edit next to the bullet point you would like to change.
  • Input the information you would like to display in the bullet point next to Custom Title. Be sure to select custom title so that this displays
  • If you want the customer to be able to click on the bullet point and see additional information, input this additional information in Content
  • Click Update

If you make the bullet points "clickable", consider adding a Navigational Banner to direct customers to this information.

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