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This feature is available beginning in FTD Mercury X3 Fall.

Once your customer has accepted the proposal, you need to mark it as accepted in Event Planner, attach the proposal to a new or existing house account, and then generate necessary orders for the event.

To convert a proposal into orders:

  1. On the Event Dashboard, locate the event you want to mark as accepted and click it.
  2. Click the Proposal button. The Proposal screen opens.
  3. Click the Accept button. The Accept Proposal screen opens.
  4. Select whether you are using an existing house account or creating a new one for the event.
    • If you are using a existing house account:
      1. Click the Search button (...) to open the Customer Search screen.
      2. Perform a search to locate the account you want to use.
      3. When you have found the house account, click the customer name. You are returned to the Accept Proposal screen with the information filled in.
    • If you are creating a new house account, specify whether you want to prevent new house account charges.
  5. Click Accept. You are returned to the Proposal screen.
  6. Click Create Order.

Orders are created in FTD Mercury with a sale date the same date as the delivery date for the event location; the orders will not post to your general ledger until the delivery date. Each order represents a different location for the event. If there is rental equipment that requires pickup, it will be on a separate order for each location.

After the orders have been created, you now work with them as you would any other order; you do not do anything else in Event Planner for the event. Make sure you make any subsequent changes within Order Entry.

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