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This feature is available beginning in FTD Mercury X3 Fall.

You can print labels for items entered in the Personal Flowers, Ceremony, Reception, and Party or Other screens. Labels are outputted as a PDF that conforms to the Avery 5160 label template. You can use these labels to keep track of items for the event.

To print labels for an event:

  1. On the Event Dashboard, locate the event for which you want to print labels and click it.
  2. If you are printing labels only for one of the organizational screens (Personal Flowers, Ceremony, Reception, or Party or Other), click that button. If you are printing them for the entire event, click any of those buttons that has products entered on it.
  3. Click Print Labels. The Print Labels screen opens.
  4. Select whether you want to print labels for the current screen or for all screens.
  5. Click Output. The labels are printed to a PDF, which opens in another window. You can then save the PDF or print it on Avery 5160 labels.


If the new window for the PDF does not open, Internet Explorer's popup blocker may have prevented it. Ensure the popup blocker is set to allow the window to open.

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