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Reception Screen
Reception Screen


This feature is available beginning in FTD Mercury X3 Fall.

The Reception screen is used to enter items that will be needed at the reception. These items can include both reception items (products such as the head table arrangement, guest table arrangements, and the toss bouquet) and rental equipment. The screen is prepopulated to include to include common products that you should remember to ask about when preparing the proposal. However, these are just suggestions; you can easily add to, modify, or remove them as you are creating your proposal.

For each item, you can enter a product code or search for a product, change the quantity, add or edit the product description, set the price, and specify the location where the item is to be delivered. You can also add new item rows, copy an existing row, or remove the row. As you add or modify items, the price for each section is updated. Each section can be expanded or collapsed using the button to the left of the section name.

From this screen, you can also print labels for the items.

Reception Section

By default, the labels for the rows in the Reception section are as follows:

  • Head Table
  • Toss Bouquet
  • Guest Tables
  • Cake Table
  • Decorations
  • Gifts
  • Other

Rental Equipment

The Rental Equipment section enables you to enter in equipment you are renting to your customers for the reception. Although the rows are not prepopulated, you can easily enter or search for products to include as rental equipment. This information is included in the rental equipment area of the proposal.

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