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The information on your Delivery Info page on your website can be customized to fit your needs.

First, check that the current information is correct:

After your fees are correct, you should include any special instructions.

A few things that you should consider:

  • Your site will not promise any customer a specific time for delivery. Customers can input any request into delivery instructions. You may want to include a message to your customers here that you can not guarantee timed deliveries.
  • Facilities - You should list the facilities you deliver to as well. They can be listed here, or a link included here that directs customers to a content page. Along with your facilities, list the address, phone number, and link to the facilities website. This will help with your search engine results.
  • Include an image of your delivery van.
  • Consider including any special instructions or limitations for holidays or weekends.
  • List any service fee that you charge.

The wording on the Delivery Info page of your site can only be updated by Florists Online Support. Contact Florists Online Support at 800-576-6721 or with any updates that you would like to complete.

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