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Order Entry Window
Order Entry Window

The Order Entry window is the primary interface for order entry in FTD Mercury (unless you are using a Point of Sale system, in which case the similar Point of Sale window is the primary interface). The backgrounds on fields in the Order Entry window are light blue, as opposed to the Point of Sale window, where they are light green. You should know when to use Order Entry vs. Point of Sale. You should also know generally how to navigate both windows.

The Order Entry window contains the following areas, most of which you use to enter information about the order.

Store Name

If you are set up as a multistore system, select the store for the order from the Store Name list (Order Entry only). If you are entering a new order, select the appropriate store; for existing orders, this reflects the store with which the order is associated. Press F2 to access this list.

Order Notes

If there are already order notes, they will automatically appear in the Order Notes field. If you need to add additional notes, click Order Notes to open the Note Entry window where you can enter them.


From the Employee list, select your employee name. Depending on your system’s configuration, this may be required for each order. Press F3 to access this list.

You can also use your bar code scanner to enter the employee name. Scan the employee ID, and the employee will be selected.


If you do not have a bar code scanner, or if you need additional scanners, contact FTD Technology Sales by calling 1-800-767-3222 or emailing TechSales@FTDi.com.


You can press F4 to access this area, which contains the following areas and fields:

Area/Field Description
Customer Name Enter the customer’s name in this field and press Tab to perform a Customer Search. If only one customer from your database matches the name, the customer’s information will automatically be filled in. If there are multiple matches, you are prompted to select the correct customer. If there is not a match, you can create a new customer in the Customer Detail Information window. In addition to the full customer name, you can enter a partial customer name or phone number to search for the customer.
Image:TipIcon.pngIf you are using the Caller ID lookup feature, when you accept the incoming call, an Order Entry window will automatically open and the phone number from Caller ID will automatically be used for a Customer Search.
Customer Address In the Customer Address area, you can see either the billing address from the Customer Detail Information window, or you can select Invoice Only and enter an address that you only want to use for this invoice.
Ordered By Enter the person who is placing the order. If the customer has previously placed orders, click the arrow at the right of this field to display a list of names and select the appropriate name. This field is particularly important if the Customer is actually a business.
Customer Notes If there are already notes about this customer, they will automatically appear in the Customer Notes field. If you need to add additional notes, click the Customer Notes button to open the Note Entry window and add the new notes.
Account Information The Account Information area contains data on purchase history, tax exempt status, and current account status. If it is a house account, it also includes the account number. This information is taken from the Customer Detail Information window and is provided for quick reference. If you want to see additional customer information, click the Customer Detail button.
Average Order by Occasion This area displays the average order amount, broken down by occasion. You can then see the customer’s ordering trends, which provides you an opportunity to upsell.


The Recipient section is where you enter information about the recipient for the order. You can quickly access this section by pressing F5 on your keyboard.

Field Description
Name Enter the recipient’s name. You can also click the arrow at the right side of this field to display a list of all recipients this customer has previously placed orders for—if the recipient is in this list, you can select the recipient name and remaining recipient information is automatically populated.
You can also use abbreviation codes to enter recipient information for common recipients. If you enter Same, FTD Mercury uses the customer as the recipient.
Company If this order is being delivered to a business, enter the business name.
Address Enter the street address for this recipient.
City Enter the recipient’s city.
State Select the recipient’s state or province.
ZIP Code Enter the recipient’s ZIP/postal code.
Phone Enter the recipient’s phone number.

If enabled in the FTD Mercury Configuration window, there is a Verify check box to the left of the recipient address. By default, if displayed, this option is selected. If you clear the Verify check box, the recipient address will not be checked by Address Verification (if you are licensed for Address Verification). This allows you to selectively override Address Verification for recipient addresses that will not verify (such as ones for new construction and not yet in the Address Verification data).

Funeral Log Button

If this order is for a funeral, click the Funeral Log button to open the Funeral Log. If you have already entered funeral details, you can select the appropriate funeral in the Funeral Log. You can also enter a new funeral if you have not previously entered it, and then select it. When you return to Order Entry or Point of Sale, information about the recipient will already be filled in.

You can access this button by pressing ALT+L (hover over the button to see the shortcut).

Facility Search Button

Click this button to perform a Facility Search to locate a recipient’s address in a hospital or nursing home.

You can access this button by pressing ALT+A (hover over this button to see the shortcut).

Map It Button

Click this button to view a map of the recipient’s address, your shop address, and the distance between them. You can access this button by pressing ALT+I (hover over this button to see the shortcut).

The Map It button is always enabled, but you may receive messages when you access it if you do not have required licenses or software.

  • If you are not licensed for Address Verification, a message displays with information about purchasing a license.
  • If your zone is not a local zone, a message displays informing you that you must select a local zone.
  • If the location of your shop address listed in the Florist Directory cannot be verified, a message displays indicating you need to contact FTD Member Services to update the address.
  • If the recipient address cannot be verified (or you elected not to verify it), a message displays indicating you cannot use the Map It feature unless the address is verified.

If you have address verification and your shop location is verifiable in the Florist Directory, a distance is displayed. This distance is from the verified recipient address to the shop currently selected in the Transfer To field (for single store configurations or if you have store transfer disabled to the selling store; if you change the value of the field, the distance changes). If the distance is more than 999 miles or 999 kilometers, the distance is listed as >999 miles or >999 kilometers.


In the Product area, enter information about the products being ordered. You can access this area by pressing F8.

Product Grid

The product grid is where you enter product information for the ticket. It includes any items on the ticket (typically arrangements), delivery charges, and other fees. Depending on how you have your delivery zones configured, delivery fees may already be in the product grid once you enter the address or select a zone.

The following information is displayed in each row:

Column Description
Product Code Enter the product code for the item the customer is ordering. You can also click the Search button (…) to open the Product Search window and locate the product. By default, if you click the Search button when you have not yet entered a product code, Product Search will display the list of your shop’s Quick Picks. If you enter a value for the product code and click the Search button, Product Search displays all products matching that product code (including partial matches).
Qty The number of this item the customer is purchasing.
Description The product name (based on product information). You can also enter additional information in this field.
Amount The price for the item.
Discount Any discount you want to apply. You can enter a percent or a dollar amount (if you have a decimal point, it is entered as dollars; if you enter a number only, it is assumed to be a percentage). If the customer already has a discount associated with them in the Customer Detail Information window, this is automatically entered.
Extension This is the calculated value of the quantity multiplied by the amount and then with the discount subtracted.
- Check Box Click the box in this column to make this value negative. You can use this when handling refunds and exchanges.

Second Choice

If there is a second choice for the item, enter the product code for it in the Second Choice field. You can also search for products by clicking the Search button (…) just as you would in the rest of the product grid. The description will be entered in the field to the right of the Second Choice field. You can also just enter a description and leave out the product code, or enter additional description information in the description field.

Typically, Second Choice is only used for wire out orders. However, if a second choice is entered for a local order, the second choice will print on the worksheet.

Picture Button

After you have entered an order, you can look it up again and attach (or view attached) pictures. If the Picture button has a camera icon on it, the order has a picture attached.


The Delivery section contains delivery information for the order. You can quickly access this section by pressing F6 on your keyboard.

Field Description
Date Enter the delivery date. You can also click the arrow at the right of the field to display a calendar, from which you can pick the delivery date.
Zone Select the zone for the order. If you have already set up your system to select zones based on addresses, the selection may have already been made once you entered recipient information.
If you select a wire out zone, the Florist area will become enabled, as you are selecting to wire the order out the order over the Mercury Network or phone the order out. If the order is for later pickup, select a pickup zone. If the order is for carry out, select a carry out zone.
Time Detail Enter the time at which you want the order to be delivered (such as after 2 P.M., morning, etc.). You can also choose from existing ones by clicking the arrow to display a list (items in the list correspond to Delivery Priority Codes in Mercury Administration).
Transfer To If you are configured as a multistore environment, you can transfer the order to another of your stores by selecting the store from this list (as long as you have enabled Store Transfer in Mercury Administration). For accounting purposes, the order value will be allocated between the two stores based on values set in Mercury Administration.
The order will also be transferred to the other store for design and delivery purposes.

Email Confirmations Button

If you want to email an ad hoc invoice, order confirmation, delivery confirmation, or personal email message, click the Email Confirmations button. The Emails and Confirmations window opens, enabling you to send your communication as desired.

Status Button

Click this button to view ticket status in the Ticket Status window.


In the Card section, enter your card message. You can use an abbreviation code as a shortcut (for example, \hb for HAPPY BIRTHDAY!). You can also press F12 to display the Abbreviation Code Lookup window. See Abbreviation Codes Screen on page 24–48 for information on creating new abbreviation codes. Use the text and alignment buttons to format your message.

You can access the Card area by pressing F7 on your keyboard.

Click the Add Recipients button to send the same card to several recipients at the same address. As you add each name, a new line appears allowing you to add recipients.

If there is an occasion for this order, select it from the Occasion list. (This will already be selected if you use an abbreviation code where an occasion code has been defined.)


If the card message is too large to print on an invoice, you will receive a warning message and be provided with an option to change the card message so it fits.


Fields in the Florist area are disabled if the Phoned In option is not selected or if the delivery zone is not a wire out zone. If this is a wire out order, you can enter florist information in the Florist area. You can quickly access the Florist area by pressing F9 on your keyboard.

From the wire service list, select the wire service you are using to wire out the order. If you want FTD Mercury to automatically select a florist that meets your criteria, click the Auto Select button. Otherwise, enter the florist code in the Filling Florist code field. If you click the Search button (…), the Florist Search window opens.

Once you select a filling florist (either manually or automatically), florist information is displayed below the florist code number. If the florist is not in the Florist Directory, enter the florist information in this field so it will display when you access the order.

Florist Contact

If this is a phoned order (in or out), enter the name of the person you spoke with in the Florist Contact field.

Option Description
Phoned Check Box This box will display as Phoned In or Phoned Out depending on the type of order you are entering. Click the Phoned Out check box if you phoned out this order (after you select a wire out zone). Be sure to enter the person you talked with in the Florist Contact field. If you enter FTD as the customer, this box is automatically checked.
No Auto Forwarding Check Box Select this check box if you do not want the order automatically forwarded if the selected florist cannot fill it. You can set the default value for this in the General screen in Mercury Administration.
Image:ImportantInfoIcon.pngIt is a best practice to leave this box unchecked so the order can be filled by another FTD florist if the selected florist cannot fill it (such as if they have suspended their FTD Mercury system).

Special Instructions

If you have any special instructions for the delivery driver (for example, “leave on back porch if not home”) type them in the Special Instructions text box.

Order Totals

The Order Totals area, located at the bottom right of the screen, displays running total information for the order you are entering. You can see the current subtotal, current taxes, and the current total for the order (including all tickets).

Button Ribbon

The button ribbon at the bottom of the window enables you to perform several tasks.

Button Name Button Color Description
Payment Dark Green Enter payment information for this order. The Payments window will open.
Complete Olive Complete this order. If you have yet to enter payment information, the Payments window will open.
Update Olive Update this order if you have made changes to it after completing it.
C.O.D. Light Green Mark this order as Cash on Delivery (the customer will pay when it is picked up or delivered).
File Lavender File this order to complete later.
Image:ImportantInfoIcon.pngThis button is not enabled in Order Entry until you provide a customer.
Cancel Order Red Cancel the order.
Void Order Red Void the order (in Point of Sale). You will be required to enter your employee name and password, as only authorized users can void sales.
Printer Pink Open the Output Options window, where you can select the form(s) to print and the printer where the forms should be printed. You can also email or fax orders from this window. If the order is opened on a Point of Sale system, you can print a Point of Sale receipt for any order.
Image:ImportantInfoIcon.pngIf you select a printer from this window, invoices will be printed to the selected printer instead of the store default printer for invoices.
Lookup Blue Perform a Ticket Search. If you click this button, you will lose any information you have entered for the current order.
Escape Rust Closes the window.
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