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This feature is available beginning in FTD Mercury X3 Fall.

Each event you create, by default, is preconfigured with some information (such as the delivery method, delivery fee product code, and proposal cover letter). When you modify these default settings, any event created afterwards will use the new defaults.

To configure the default settings for Event Planner:

  1. On the Event Dashboard, click the Default Settings button. The Default Settings screen opens.
  2. If you are in a multistore environment, select the store for which you are configuring settings.
  3. Select the event type for which you are configuring settings.
  4. Modify the default settings as required.
  5. Click the Event Dashboard, New Event, or Cover Letters button to save the new default settings.


You should configure default settings for each event type, and for each event type in each store if you are in a multistore environment, before you create your first event in Event Planner.

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