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Mercury Delivery allows you to create and maintain delivery zones, automatically create delivery routes, mark orders as on the truck/delivered/not delivered, re-route undelivered orders, print delivery reports, and more. Delivery orders entered in Order Entry and Point of Sale (orders with delivery zones associated with them) will display in the Mercury Delivery so they can be routed.

The standard Mercury Delivery configuration (sometimes referred to as Advanced Mercury Delivery) allows you to maintain delivery zones, route orders and create delivery routes, mark orders delivered, print delivery reports, and more. It also offers you address verification. Additionally, you can optionally add Wireless Delivery Confirmation, allowing your delivery drivers to use wireless phones to update the delivery status of orders (mark orders delivered or not delivered).


If you do not currently have Mercury Delivery or Wireless Delivery Confirmation, contact Mercury Technology sales by calling 1-800-767-3222 or emailing for details.

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