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  • As of FTD Mercury X3, FTD no longer supports Wireless Delivery Confirmation.
  • Both FTD Mercury Mobile (X3) and FTD Mercury Mobile Plus (X4) allow drivers to use their mobile Android and iPhone devices to mark orders as Delivered. See Confirming Orders for details.

Once you have completed (finalized) delivery routes, you can view progress for the route. First, you can see a list of all routes for the specified date(s), including the number of orders and the route status. For routes that have a status of On Truck, you can still modify the route.

If you have Wireless Delivery Confirmation, you can view the progress of a delivery route while the truck is on delivery. When a delivery driver updates the status of a delivery on his or her wireless phone, the information is updated to FTD Mercury automatically. Anytime while that driver is on route, you can look up the status of the route and see which orders have been delivered and which have not. If you have GPS, you can view the live location and delivery path of the delivery driver.

To view the progress of a delivery route:

On the toolbar, click the Routing Progress button. Alternatively, on the Route Management menu, click Routing Progress. The Select Routing Progress Window opens.

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