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Mercury Delivery maintains a list of orders to follow up on, accessible via the Follow Up Deliveries toolbar button on the Delivery Snapshot window. If an order was marked as Not Delivered during the truck return process, it appears in this list. When there are follow up deliveries, the toolbar button rotates to attract your attention to it.

When you open the Follow Up Deliveries Window, you can see the orders that need redelivery. Once you select an order and click Redelivery, the Redelivery Window opens, allowing you to select when you want to redeliver the order.

  • Redeliver Today moves the order to the list of today’s deliveries where it can be re-routed.
  • Redeliver on a different date moves the order to the list of that day’s deliveries where it can be re-routed. The delivery date change is posted to order notes.
  • Follow Up Later keeps the order in Follow Up Deliveries.
Image:NoteIcon.pngIf an order is re-routed, the order is still listed in the history of the original delivery route (when printing the original route in the Reprint Route Report or the Delivery Trip Analysis report).

When you are finished, click Save. If you marked an order Delivered, it is removed from this window after you click Save. Click Escape when you are finished making changes.

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