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Running the Marketing Reports will give you information about the customers that have visited and ordered from your website. This is a FREE way to obtain information about what customers you should be contacting in order to maintain customer loyalty.

Ideas on how to use this information include:

  • Send information prior to major holidays showing your holiday offerings
  • Send an e-mail with a discount code that only these specific customers can use
  • Inform these customers of any upcoming events in your store
  • Remind these customers of any upcoming events they might have

By Personal Accounts

The By Personal Accounts report will show your customers that have created an account on your website. Learn more!

By Orders

The By Orders report will show your customers that have placed an order on your site. Learn more!

Reminders Report

The Reminders report will show you the reminders that your customers have set up on your website. Learn more!

Opt-In Report

The Opt-In report will show you the customers that have stated that you can contact them via e-mail. Learn more!

Opt-Out Report

The Opt-Out report will show you which customers previously had said that you can contact them, but have now stated that you should not. Learn more!

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