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The Opt-In report will allow you to run a report of customers that have stated you can contact them.

This report will give you the customer's name, and e-mail address.

This will include customers that may not have placed an order on your site, but filled out the E-mail Capture information.

This is a FREE way to obtain information about your customers so that you can contact them about specials, promotions, updates, and events that you might have.

In order to run this report:

  • Login to Web Portal and click on Reports at the top
  • On the left, click on Marketing Reports
  • In the center, select Opt-In Report
  • Input the date range for the report. There is no limit to the date range. You can run this report for as far back as you would like
  • Input an e-mail address for the report to be sent to
  • Click Fetch Report

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