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Customers can use debit cards for order payment in FTD Mercury. However, the implementation is significantly different for U.S. and Canadian shops.

Debit Cards in U.S. Shops

In the United States, you can enter debit transactions in Order Entry and Point of Sale for accounting purposes. Simply select the Debit payment type, enter the account number, process the debit transaction with your current debit transaction device, and record the approval code in FTD Mercury.

When you generate the Sales Summary report, debit transactions are reported as a line item. Additionally, you can use the Chart of Accounts Wizard and Balance Wizard to create a chart of accounts and export debit card transactions to QuickBooks®.

Debit Cards in Canadian Shops

FTD has recognized the large role debit cards play in Canadian commerce, and is proud to provide a comprehensive solution for debit transactions, including PIN pad hardware. Before you can take advantage of PIN pad capabilities in FTD Mercury, you must have a high speed Internet connection, purchase a debit card license from FTD, and purchase a PIN pad device from FTD.

With the X6 Fall release, you can process EMV debit and credit cards via PIN pad.

Configuring Canadian Systems for Debit Card Transactions

You must perform the following configurations prior to being able to use the FTD Mercury debit card processing functionality.

Hardware Configuration

Before you can accept debit card transactions, you must have installed the PIN pad device on your system. Consult the documentation included with your PIN pad device to ensure you connect it correctly to your computer.


FTD strongly advises you only connect the PIN pad device to your Point of Sale computer when the computer is off.

After your PIN pad is connected, restart the computer. FTD Mercury will automatically recognize the presence of the PIN pad.

Mercury Administration Configuration

Once your PIN pad is connected and you restart your computer, you must access the Debit Cards screen in Mercury Administration and configure settings for debit card transactions.


If the PIN Pad Settings screen is not enabled in Mercury Administration, you are not licensed for debit cards in FTD Mercury. Contact Mercury Technology Sales at 1-800-767-3222 for information on how to purchase a debit card license and hardware from FTD.

To configure FTD Mercury for debit transactions:

  1. Open Mercury Administration.
  2. Double-click on Accounting.
  3. Double-click on PIN Pad Settings.
  4. From the Store Name list, select the store for which you are configuring debit card processing. You must configure this separately for each store that will accept debit card transactions.
  5. In the Store ID field, enter the value provided by Mercury Technology Sales.
  6. In the API Token field, enter the Developer Code value provided by Mercury Technology Sales.
  7. Click Apply to save your changes before exiting this screen.


You can manually configure the COM port for PIN pad via the FTD Mercury Configuration Window.

You must restart FTD Mercury clients before debit card processing will be enabled.

Point of Sale Configuration

When you restart a client connected to the PIN pad device, open FTD Mercury and log in to the system. Then, on the File menu, click Settings, ensure Process Debit Cards in POS is selected and click Save.

If your system is licensed for debit card processing in FTD Mercury, the Point of Sale system will check for the presence of the PIN pad device each time Point of Sale is started. If the PIN pad device is not detected, FTD Mercury will warn you and disable debit card payments for the session; the Payments window will not allow you to select Debit as the payment type.


You can disable the warning message in the FTD Mercury Configuration window.

Using Debit Cards on Canadian Systems

Most processes in accepting debit cards in FTD Mercury are the same as any other payment type. You still enter the order beforehand, however, the payment type will be Debit and your customer will use a PIN pad device to enter their account information and PIN number. Additionally, settlement of debit card transactions are immediate.

The following topics contain information about using debit cards on Canadian systems:

Debit Card Payments in Point of Sale

When licensed for debit card transactions in Point of Sale using PIN pad hardware purchased from FTD, your customers can use their debit cards to pay for transactions. For the most part, the transaction is the same as any other purchase using Point of Sale.

To use a debit card for a purchase in Point of Sale:

  1. Enter the order as you would any other order in Point of Sale, and click Complete.
  2. When the Payments window opens, fill it out as you would for other transactions.
  3. If the customer is using other payment types in addition to their debit card (such as cash, checks, or gift certificates), enter these payments first in the payments area.
    Image:ImportantInfoIcon.pngFTD Mercury is unable to split payment between multiple debit cards or between debit cards and credit cards. Other payment methods (such as cheques, cash, and gift certificates) are valid payment types to split with debit cards.
  4. On a blank line in the payments area, select Debit as the payment type. The Account Number, Exp Date, Name, and Approval fields become read only.
  5. Ensure the Tendered Amount is correct. You cannot enter a tendered amount larger than the transaction total when you use a debit card (that is, you cannot give cash back when a customer uses their debit card).
  6. Click Complete. A message appears, informing you that the transaction is processing.
  7. Instruct your customer to follow the directions on the PIN pad device, including swiping their card, entering their PIN number, and verifying the total.
  8. When the transaction has been approved, the approval code will automatically be entered in the payment grid in the Approval column for the debit card. A receipt will print.
    If the card was declined, you will be informed via an onscreen message and you can then select a different payment type to use to complete the sale.
  9. Click Complete.

Debit Card Payments in Order Entry

The Debit payment type is available in Order Entry, but does not use the PIN pad device nor does it attempt to receive authorization for the payment. You must use an external debit card processing device for authorization of debit card payments in Order Entry.

Splitting Payments

FTD Mercury does support splitting payments between different payment types. However, you cannot split a payment between two or more debit cards, or between a debit card and a credit card. If your customer is paying with a debit card and splitting payment, the other available payment types are check, cash, and gift certificate.

Voiding a Debit Card Purchase

Debit card transactions cannot be voided, as they are settled immediately upon authorization. Any debit card transactions that need to be voided should be treated as, and should follow, the process for debit card refunds.

Debit Card Refunds

FTD Mercury does support refunds using debit cards. However, because debit card transactions are settled immediately upon authorization, you must enter a new ticket and select the (-) check box for each item so it is marked as a refund. You must create a new order in Point of Sale; you cannot copy the existing order. To issue a debit card refund, the debit card must be present.

To issue a refund on a debit card:

  1. On the FTD Mercury Main Menu, click Point of Sale. The Point of Sale window opens.
  2. From the Employee list, select your employee name.
  3. In the Customer area, leave the field blank to use the default Point of Sale customer.
  4. In the product area, in the Product Code column, type or scan the product code of the first product being returned. Alternatively, click the search button (…) to perform a product search.
  5. In the Qty column, enter how many of this item the customer is returning and press TAB. The Description column automatically populates.
  6. Depending on the product and customer configuration, the Amount and Discount columns may automatically populate; if they do not, or if you want to make changes, enter the correct values for the product amount and discount now. The Extension column automatically populates based on the values of Qty, Amount, and Discount.
  7. Select the box in the (-) column to indicate this is a refund.
  8. Click Complete. The Payments window opens.
  9. In the Payments area, click in the Type column so that an arrow appears. Click the arrow and select Debit.
  10. Click Complete.

The customer will need to enter their PIN number into the PIN pad device; once the transaction is complete, a receipt will print.

Reversal File

To assist in processing debit cards, FTD Mercury automatically creates a reversal file when it cannot complete a debit card transaction. FTD Mercury automatically searches for a reversal file when Point of Sale starts. If FTD Mercury detects this file, the system will automatically attempt to process the reversal file prior to displaying the Point of Sale window. FTD Mercury will also attempt to process the reversal file prior to allowing you to enter an opening balance for the day.

If FTD Mercury cannot process entries in the reversal file, you will receive a message on the receipt printer instructing you to contact the FTD Credit Card Department. The receipt will contain all entries in the reversal file that could not be processed.

Accounting Balance Report in Detail

If you are licensed for debit card transactions in FTD Mercury, the Balance Summary Report and Balance Wizard separate debit cards entered in Order Entry from those entered in Point of Sale. In the Summary By Credit Card Company section, there is a line item for Debit-OE which contains any transactions paid by debit card in Order Entry. A second line item named Debit-POS reports any orders entered in Point of Sale that were paid by debit card.

The Credit Card Settlement History Report includes all credit cards settled via PIN pad, while the Customer Accounts Payments Reports includes all payments made via PIN pad. Additional reports include the Payment Type Total and the Sales Summary Report.

Approval and Declined Responses

During the debit card process, both the Point of Sale display and the PIN pad display will indicate whether the transaction was approved or declined. Additionally, reasons for declined transactions will appear on the bottom of customer receipts.

Some possible reasons for a declined or incomplete debit card transaction include:

  • Insufficient funds in the account
  • Incorrect PIN (follow the directions on the screen to allow the customer to reenter their PIN)
  • The transaction amount or refund amount exceeds the amount that can be processed
  • The customer used a credit card used instead of a debit card
  • Network problems, which can cause timeouts during transaction authorizations
  • The transaction was cancelled by the customer
  • Disconnected PIN pad

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