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The Point of Sale window, accessible by clicking Point of Sale in the FTD Mercury Main Menu, is substantially the same as the Order Entry window; however, instead of having the Average Order by Occasion area, there are several Point of Sale–specific buttons.

Button Description
Opening Balance Allows you to set the opening balance for the session. This button is only available after you have performed a z-out transaction; it is replaced by the X-Out/Z-Out button when a session is open.
No Sale Allows you to perform a no sale transaction.
Paid Out/In Allows you to enter a paid in or paid out transaction.
Receive Payment Allows you to receive payment on a house account.
X-Out/Z-Out Opens the Z-Out window and allows you to perform an X-Out or a Z-Out.

Additionally, the backgrounds on fields in Point of Sale are light green, as opposed to the Order Entry window, where they are light blue.

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