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Mercury Direct PlusMain Menu
Mercury Direct PlusMain Menu

Double clicking on the Mercury Direct Terminal icon on your desktop will open the Mercury Direct Client and take you to the Mercury Direct Main Menu.

The main menu displays a series of buttons. When clicked on, the buttons allow you to perform several different functions in the program:

Button Description
Create an Order To create a Mercury order to send to another florist over the Mercury Network.
Enclosure Card To create an enclosure card that is included with the order.
Florist Search To search for a filling florist in the recipient’s delivery area.
General Message To send a text message to another florist or to FTD Headquarters.
Ask a Question To inquire about an order or request a price change.
Price Change To request a price change on an order.
Delivery Confirmation To confirm to the sending florist that you have filled and delivered the order.
Selection Guide To view products and product information.
Message Search To view your incoming and outgoing messages in your message log.
Forward an Order To forward a Mercury order to another filling florist.
Reject an Order To reject an incoming Mercury order.
Answer a Question To respond to an ASK message.
Cancel an Order To request that a filling Member or the Host Computer cancel a previously sent order.
Confirm a Cancellation To confirm a cancellation request.
Deny a Cancellation To refuse to accept a request to cancel an order.
Transmit Now To immediately send and receive any waiting orders or messages over the Mercury Network.

The Menu Bar

The menu bar is located at the top of the main menu and consists of the following menus: File, Order, Message, Search, Tools, and Help. If you click on a menu with your mouse, the content of that menu will display. You can then click on a command (for example, clicking Order in the menu bar then clicking New Order from the menu will allow you to create a new order).


There are a series of icons at the bottom of the main menu. You can perform several different functions by clicking on the icons.

Icon Description
Image:TransmitNow.PNG Transmit Now. Immediately sends and receives any waiting orders or messages over the Mercury Network.
Image:FloristWiki.PNG Florist Wiki. Opens the florist wiki, which includes relevant information to Mercury Direct Plus.
Image:MTACChat.PNG MTAC Chat. Opens a chat window with FTD Support.
Image:FTDNotification.PNG FTD Notification. Displays a list of FTD notifications. If there are new blabber messages, the icon will appear red.
Image:UnconfirmedDeliveries.PNG Unconfirmed Deliveries. Links to the existing unconfirmed delivery list for the user that is logged in.
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