Maintaining Your Florist Link Marketing Options in FTD Florist Link Administration

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This information applies to FTD Mercury X2 Fall and later versions, Mercury Connect, and Mercury Direct 5.0 and later versions. If you are an FTD Mercury or Mercury Direct customer and not on one of the versions where FTD Florist Link is included, contact the Mercury Technology Assistance Center (MTAC) at 1-800-309-2244 for information on how to upgrade to the current version.

alt=Training Video Available

There is a video available on this topic.

To maintain your Florist Link marketing options:

  1. In FTD Florist Link, click the Admin button in the upper right corner of the window.
  2. Log in to Florist Link Administration.
  3. From the Florist Code list, select the florist code for which you are changing your FTD Florist Directory information. Changes made only apply to the selected shop code (the code, shop name, and town served are listed at the top of the screen).
  4. Click the Florist Link Marketing button. The Maintain Florist Link Marketing page opens.
  5. In the Performance Ratings area, select the ratings you want to share.
  6. In the Promotional Statements area, select up to four promotional statements.
  7. In the FTD Florist Link Upgrade Offer area, select the Publish Upgrade Offer check box and enter your upgrade offer in the field below it.
  8. Click the Update button.

When you click Update, the changes you made are effective in FTD Florist Link immediately in the town you service where you also have a Special Listing.

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