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You should run certain procedures on a regular basis to keep your shop running smoothly. For example, if you have Point of Sale you have to set an opening balance at the beginning of the day, and then close the cash drawer at the end of the day. To get you started, this section contains a recommended list of procedures that you should complete on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

FTD Mercury X3 Fall (Version and later

Beginning with FTD Mercury X3 Fall (version, backups are performed every two hours, encrypted, and stored remotely via the Mozy service. If your server is in use during the scheduled backup point, the backup will be skipped and will be performed two hours later at the next backup point. If you are not on FTD Mercury X3 Fall (version, please contact the Mercury Technology Assistance Center at 1-888-309-2244 for assistance.

Earlier Versions of FTD Mercury

If you are not yet using FTD Mercury X3 Fall (version, backups are performed each morning at 3:00 AM to a USB thumb drive (which must be plugged into your computer during this time). Your FTD Mercury data is compressed (in a .zip file format) and stored on your backup device. A thumb drive can handle several days’ worth of backups. When a backup device gets full, the oldest data is automatically removed, but in most cases, thumb drives and external hard drives will not fill up from backups.

Daily Checklist

At the beginning of the day...

  • Check that your automatic backup from last night was completed.
  • Remove your backup media (Zip disk or USB thumb drive) and store it in a safe place (ideally offsite).
  • Replace your backup media (either a different Zip disk or USB thumb drive) on your server. As a best practice, you should alternate between two or more Zip disks or USB thumb drives and store the ones not being used for backup that night offsite. You can purchase additional USB thumb drives from FTD (Contact FTD Technology Sales at 1-800-767-3222).
  • Set the opening balance for each Point of Sale terminal.
  • Print the Credit Card Settlement History Report for the previous day.

Daily Procedures

It is highly recommended that you complete each of these procedures on a daily basis:

  • Use Ticket Search to check for pending orders, particularly orders that are pending due to credit card authorization.
  • Check to see if you have incomplete orders and process them.
  • Open Order Entry or Point of Sale, click Message Center, and attach incoming orders (by double-clicking on them). Unattached orders appear in green text.
  • Check for any credit card errors or declined credit card transactions.

At the End of the Day

  • Verify all incoming wire orders have been attached.
  • Verify all orders for the day have been completed. Look at the Dashboard for a quick glance of what may remain to be done, and perform a Ticket Search for tickets with statuses of pending, incomplete, or filed.
  • Ensure all orders have been marked as designed in Design Center.
  • For Mercury Delivery users, verify all orders have been marked as delivered.
  • Balance your cash drawers and close your Point of Sale systems by using Z-out transactions. When you perform a Z-out, FTD Mercury automatically performs an X-Out transaction first, allowing you to find errors and correct them prior to finalizing the Z-out transaction.


To help balance a cash drawer, perform a Ticket Search for completed orders. Verify that sales were entered correctly. Common issues that can cause the cash drawer to be out of balance include cash sales being completed in Order Entry instead of Point of Sale, and payments on accounts made from the FTD Mercury Main Menu instead of Point of Sale (if you are putting money in the cash drawer, you should use Point of Sale).

  • Prepare your bank deposit.
  • Run the Balance Report using the Balance Wizard in Mercury Accounting. Print any pages you need for your records.
  • Double-check your backup media (Zip disk or USB thumb drive) in place for your server.

Weekly Checklist

The following items may be completed at any time. However, it is suggested that they be done on a weekly basis:

  • Report phoned-in Mercury Orders to FTD by sending REC messages.
  • Print an Orders Filled report for other wire services.
  • Run a Symantec AntiVirus Live Update.

Running a Symantec AntiVirus Live Update

To run a Symantec AntiVirus Live Update:

  1. On the Windows Start menu, point to All Programs, point to Symantec Client Security, and click Symantec AntiVirus.
  2. Click Live Update.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to update your virus definitions.

Monthly Checklist

You should perform the following tasks on a monthly basis:

  • Print the Aged Analysis report (you should also save an electronic copy of it). Proof the report to ensure it is accurate, and make any necessary corrections to accounts.
  • Generate customer statements.
  • When you receive your Combined Report, perform wire reconciliation.
  • Print the Sales Tax report.
  • Print the Sales Summary report.
  • Print any other applicable reports.
  • Complete a General Ledger export to QuickBooks (if you use Mercury Accounting) using the Balance Wizard.
  • Run a Windows Update. Running a Windows Update monthly keeps your system up-to-date and helps prevent viruses from infecting your computer.

Running a Windows Update

To run a Windows Update:

  1. On the Windows Start menu, point to All Programs, and click Windows Update.
  2. On the Microsoft Web site, follow instructions to update Windows.

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