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As you assign products to designers, you will find it helpful to check the designers’ workloads so you know who is open for additional assignments and who may have a back log of products to design. You can use the Designer Analysis window to get a snapshot for each employee of the items they have in production (assigned but not marked as designed) and completed (marked as designed). If you want to analyze and change designer assignments, you can search by designer in the Design Center and immediately adjust designer workloads.

Analyzing Designer Assignments

To analyze designer assignments:

  1. On the FTD Mercury Main Menu, click Designer. The Design Center Window opens.
  2. If you are a multi-store shop, from the Store list, either select the store where the product is being designed, or select All Stores. If you are a single store, this is already set to your store name by default.
  3. In the Delivery Date field, select the delivery date for the orders.
  4. Click Design Analysis. The Designer Analysis Window opens.
  5. Click Close to return to the Design Center window.

Searching for Products Assigned to Designers

You can also review products assigned to employees in the Design Center window. Unlike the Designer Analysis window, however, you can use the Design Center window to change designer assignments.

To search for products assigned to a designer:

  1. On the FTD Mercury Main Menu, click Designer. The Design Center Window opens.
  2. In the search criteria area, select a name from the Designer drop-down list, to search for products assigned to a specific employee. You can also select ALL in the drop-down list to search for products assigned to all employees. When Show All Employees is checked, the drop-down list will contain the names of all employees. Designers are a subset of your employees to whom you have assigned the job function of Designer in Mercury Administration. To limit the Designer search to the employees whom you have designated as designers, uncheck Show All Employees.
  3. Ensure the Assigned option is selected, and the Not Assigned option is cleared.
  4. If desired, specify whether the orders have been designed or not designed.
  5. Click Search.

The results list displays items assigned to the designer you specified. If you want to reassign the designer, click in the Designer column and select a different designer.

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