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Designer Center Window‎
Designer Center Window‎

The Design Center window allows you to search for orders in the design phase, assign orders to designers, and mark orders designed.

Search Parameters

Using the Design Center window, you can search for orders for a store and delivery date, by order number, designer, or the design status of the order item (assigned, not assigned, designed, not designed). When you have finished selecting search parameters, click Search (ALT+S) to list orders that meet the search criteria.

The Search Parameters area contains the following parameters:

Parameter Description
Store Name Select the store to view the products for the store, or if you are a multi-store business, you can select All Stores to search all stores.
Delivery Date Select the delivery date for orders. By default, the delivery date is the current date.
Designer Check Designer and select a name from the drop-down list to search for

products assigned to a specific employee, or select All in the drop-down list to display products for all employees. When Show All Employees is checked, the drop-down list will contain the names of all employees. Designers are a subset of your employees who are assigned the job function of Designer in Mercury Administration. To limit the Designer search to employees designated as designers, uncheck Show All Employees.

You can also scan an employee’s bar code ID to search for orders assigned to

that designer.
Order # Enter the order number, if you want to restrict the results to a specific order. To restrict the results to an individual ticket, enter the order number followed by a slash and the ticket number, for example, 000515/1. You can also use a bar code scanner, if available, to populate the order number field by scanning the bar code on the invoice.

When a designer is selected from the designer list, you can select the Assign Order # to Designer check box, allowing you to assign the entered order number to the selected designer.

Likewise, if you select the Mark Order # Designed check box, the order number entered is marked as designed. If there are multiple products on the order, they are all marked designed (unless you specify a specific ticket number as part of the order number).

If both the Assign Order # to Designer and Mark Order # Designed check boxes are selected, Design Center will display the product(s) for the order number entered or scanned and then automatically assign all products for the order to the designer selected and then mark the order as designed.

NOTE: If either Assign Order # to Designer or Mark Order # Designed is checked, the Search button is disabled. When you press Enter on your keyboard, the order is either assigned to the designer, marked as designed, or both (depending on the check boxes selected).
Assigned Check this option to display products that are assigned and which meet other search criteria, such as store and delivery date.
Not Assigned Check this option to display products that are not assigned and which meet other search criteria, such as store and delivery date.
Designed Check this option to display products that have been marked as designed and which meet other search criteria, such as store and delivery date.
Not Designed Check this option to display products that have not been marked as designed and which meet other search criteria, such as store and delivery date.

Results List

When the search completes, orders matching your search parameters appear in the results area. Each row in the results list represents a product. Several products may comprise a ticket, and several tickets may comprise a single order, so there may be more than one row in the results area per order. The Sale column contains the order and ticket number so you can see which products and tickets are part of the same order.


Cash and carry, wire out, voided, canceled, and fees are excluded from searches performed in the Design Center window.

You can sort the orders in the results list by clicking on a column heading. For example, to sort by priority, click the Priority column. You can click the column heading again to toggle ascending and descending order. You can also double-click any product in the list to open the order in Order Entry or Point of Sale, depending on where the order was entered.

The results list contains the following information for each product:

Column Description
Sale The order and ticket number associated with this item.
Priority The priority code for the order.
Zone The zone for the order.
Recipient The order recipient.
Qty The number of this product to be designed.

TIP: Pay special attention to the Qty column. Quantity indicates how many of a product are to be produced for a ticket.
Product Code The product code for this item. The small icon next to the product code opens the Product Entry window for this product, allowing you to view product pictures and recipes.
Product Name The product name.
Total The total dollar value of the product to be designed. If the quantity is more than 1, the total reflects the product cost multiplied by the quantity.
Designer If a designer has not been assigned to this order, this column will be blank. You can assign a designer by clicking in this column and selecting the name of the designer from the drop-down list. The list of employees in the drop-down list is based on the Show All Employees checkbox. If Show All Employees is checked, all employees will appear in the drop-down list. If not checked, only designers will appear.
Status If this order has yet to be designed, this column is blank. If the order has been designed, this column will be Designed.

You can mark the item Designed by selecting Designed from this column. If there are multiple items in the ticket, you can select Mark Order Designed to mark all items assigned to the same designer in the ticket as designed.

Search Totals

At the bottom right of the window, the Search Totals area displays the number of products displayed in the results list, the total price of all orders in the list, and the average value of a product in the list.

Button Ribbon

The Design Center window allows you to perform the following actions:

Button Action
Pictures Highlight a row in the results list and click Pictures to open the Picture Center window where you can take, attach, or remove a design picture.
Design Analysis Enter store and delivery date parameters, then click Design Analysis (ALT+A) to get a snapshot of the number of not assigned products and designers’ workloads for your store(s) and selected delivery date.
Mark All Orders Designed Using search parameters, such as Designer, Delivery Date, and Assigned, display a list of products in the results list, then click Mark All Orders Designed (ALT+M) to change their status to designed.
Print List Click Print List (ALT+P) to print the Ticket List.
Output Invoice Highlight a row in the results list and click Output Invoice (ALT+O) to print the desired form.
Close Closes the Design Center window.
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