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The Truck Return window, accessible by clicking the Truck Return button on the Delivery Snapshot Window toolbar, enables you to perform the truck return process for delivery routes.

Truck Return Window
Truck Return Window

Search Criteria Area

Enter your parameters in the search criteria area to locate the route(s) you want to wrap up in the Truck Return window.

Field Description
Date Enter the starting date of the date range for which you want to perform a truck return.
Thru Enter a second date for the date range. The results list will display all delivery routes that occur between the starting and end dates.
Driver Select this driver for whom you want to display truck return information from this list. If you want to display information for all drivers, leave this selection blank. You can also scan a bar code to select a particular driver (a search will automatically be performed for routes assigned to that driver).
Find Order # Opens the order in the Truck Stop Details window. You can also scan the order using your bar code scanner.

Results List

The results list displays each route that matches your search criteria. The following information is displayed for each route:

Column Description
Route ID The route name.
Driver The driver for the route.
Depart Date The date when the driver began the route.
Depart Time The time when the driver began the route.
Orders Delivered The number of orders delivered for the route.
Orders Remaining The number of orders remaining for delivery.
Return Date The return date for the route.
Return Time The return date for the route.
Starting Mileage The starting mileage for the route.
Return Mileage The return mileage for the route.
Delivery Status You can select a delivery code for this route from your list of available codes.

Button Ribbon

At the bottom of the window, you can find the following buttons:

Button Description
Refresh Refreshes the current results using the original search criteria.
Print Route Manifest Prints the route manifest (routing slip).
Details Opens the Truck Stop Details Window.
Save Saves the route status and returns you to the Delivery Snapshot Window.
Escape Closes the Truck Return window.
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