Truck Stop Details Window

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The Truck Stop Details window lists all of the orders in the selected route.

Truck Stop Details Window
Truck Stop Details Window

You can mark each order with a delivery code by clicking in the Delivery Status column and selecting the delivery code from the list. If the delivery code is a Delivered code, the a green check mark will display next to the order; orders marked with a Not Delivered code will display red crosses next to them.

Enter the time each order was delivered in the Time Delivered column. Comments entered in the Comments column are recorded in the Order Life Cycle.

Image:NoteIcon.pngYou can also use your bar code scanner in this window. If you scan an order number, the order will be highlighted in the window. If you scan a delivered or non-delivered code when an order is highlighted, the Delivery Status is updated accordingly.

When you are finished marking deliveries, click Save.

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