Using Product Codes in Order Entry and Point of Sale

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When entering the product information, type the product code and press TAB to allow the system to search for the product for you, or click the Search button (…) to browse your product database.


By default, when you click the Search button, it searches for any defined Quick Picks. You can still enter in search criteria and perform subsequent searches to browse your product database. If you do not have any products marked as Quick Picks, you will be able to browse your product database immediately.

Add products that you regularly sell into your product database to reduce order processing time Wire service–branded products are set up for you.

If you have multiple stores, products are associated with each store. If in Order Entry or Point of Sale you type a product code of a product that is not associated with the store selected for the order, you receive the following message:

The product code you have entered is not available at this store. Use anyway?

Click Yes to use the product code anyway, or click No to select a different product code. If you select Associate product with all stores and then click Yes, you associate this product with all stores (this message will not appear the next time you select this product at this store).

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