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The Unsettled Credit Card Authorizations window displays either the approved, unapproved, or all unsettled credit card transactions for the selected store. From this window, you can monitor a store’s credit card authorization activity, handle credit card authorization issues, and remove declined credit card transactions.


Voided transactions are not displayed regardless of their status.

View Parameters Area

The View Parameters area allows you to select the criteria for the results list. You can select whether you want to view approved, unapproved, or all unsettled credit card authorizations. You must select the store name for which you are viewing unsettled credit card authorizations, and click Search to display a list of matching results.

Results List

After you have configured your search parameters, unsettled credit card authorizations matching your search criteria appear in the results list. Each unsettled authorization includes the following information:

Column Description
Date/Time The date and time of the transaction.
Type The credit card type.
Account Number The credit card number.
Cardholder Name The cardholder name.
Amount The transaction amount.
Approval/AVS Displays the approval code for authorized transactions or the status of unauthorized transactions. If this transaction has yet to be sent for authorization, the column will be blank. If there is an error, the column will display ERROR. If the authorization is pending, this column will display PENDING.
Sale Number The internally generated sale number associated with the transaction.


At the bottom of the window, there are several buttons that allow you to perform actions on the selected unsettled credit card authorization.

Button Description
Print Click this button to print the results list.
More If there are more entries than fit in the results list, click this button to display them.
Resend Click this button to resend the selected transaction (for example, if you had a communication issue). If the order has a successful approval code, you cannot resend it.
Voice Click this button to perform voice authorization for the transaction, such as if a order has the status of declined or error. All non-canceled transactions that do not have successful approval or are not marked as PENDING are available for voice authorization. You cannot perform voice authorization if the transaction already has a successful approval code.
Delete Click this button to delete the selected transaction from FTD Mercury. You can only delete manually entered authorizations not associated with a sale or payment.

Close Click this button to close the window.

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