Setting Up Your Printers and Form Selections

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You use the Printer Form Settings window to configure the printers and trays associated with each form on a store-by-store basis, and on a per-client basis. You need to set this up on each FTD Mercury system where you will enter customer orders. All printers available on the system are available from this window, including network printers.

To configure the printers each form prints on for a store:

  1. In FTD Mercury, on the Print menu, click Printer Form Settings. The Printer Form Settings Window opens.
  2. From the Store Name list, select the store for which you are configuring forms.
  3. Locate the form you are configuring in the Form column. Click in the corresponding cell in the Printer Selection column to display an arrow. Click the arrow to display a list of available printers, and select the printer where you want this form to be printed.
  4. In the corresponding Tray column, click and select the tray on the selected printer which contains the appropriate paper for this form.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for any additional forms you want to configure.
  6. Click Save.


If you have multiple stores, you need to repeat this procedure for each store. You can configure the number of forms printed for transactions from the Default Form Printing screen in Mercury Administration.

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