Sending an ADJustment Report Message

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  1. On the Mercury Message menu, click Adjust (ADJ).
  2. In the Combined Report # field, type the report number of the Combined Report on which the error occurred. Type the number in the following format: NN-1 where NN is the month of the year. For example, 02-1 would be February’s report.
  3. In the Recipient field, type the name of the person who received the order.
  4. Click either the Mercury # (Mercury program number) or the ROF# (Report of Orders Filled number) option, depending on what number you plan to use on the adjustment.
  5. In the text box next to the Mercury# or ROF# option, type the number in the following format: ANNNNA (F2031J) for the Mercury program number or NNN-NN (071-09) for the Report of Orders Filled number.
  6. In the Filling Florist field, type the code of the florist who filled the order and press TAB. To perform a Florist Search, click the search button (…) to find a filling florist.
  7. In the Delivery Date field, change the date to the delivery date. To change the date, click the arrow to reveal a calendar, and click the delivery date.
  8. In the Order Amount field, type the total price of the order. You may click the calculator icon to help you compute the price.
  9. In the Reason field, click the arrow and select a reason for sending this message.
  10. In the Text or Reason field, further explain the reason you chose and why you are filing this adjustment. You can also type any additional information here.
  11. In the Over/Under Chg field, enter the correct order amount. Do not enter the difference.
  12. In the Operator field, click the arrow and select your name from the list.
  13. In the Sending Florist field, click the arrow and select your shop code (if you have multiple stores).
  14. If all information is correct, click Send.

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