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  1. On the Mercury Message menu, click Rec Message List (REC). The REC Message List window opens.
  2. In the Store Name field, click the arrow and choose the store from which you are sending this message.
  3. In the Sending Florist column, type the sending shop code (the shop that sent you the order)and press TAB. You can type the code in one of the following formats: NN-NNNNAA or NNNNNNAA where N is a number and A is a letter. For example, 90-1234AA. You may click the search button to perform a Florist Search.
  4. To change the delivery date, click to the right side of the Delivery Date column, to reveal two sets of arrows. Highlight the month with your mouse, then click the up and down arrows until the correct month displays. Do the same for the day and year. Or, click the arrow to reveal a calendar and click on the delivery date.
  5. In the Recipient column, type the full name of the person who received the order.
  6. Click to the right side of the Occasion column to reveal a down arrow. click the arrow and select the occasion for this order.
  7. In the Order Amount column, enter the total price of the order. You may click to the right side to reveal the calculator icon to help you compute the price.
  8. Click Save to save your Rec Message List. The next time you open this window, it will contain all saved Rec messages. You can then click Send at any time when you are ready to send your Rec Message List to the Clearing House. It is strongly recommended that you send your Rec Message List before the end of each month so your Combined Report Statement will be correct.

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