Responding to Outgoing Orders

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Although there are fewer possible scenarios dealing with outgoing orders, you can also respond to outgoing orders for the following scenarios:

  • Requesting a price change. If you need to update a price after the initial order was sent (for example, the customer wants to add more money to the order), you need to respond using a Price Change request.
  • Sending an order cancellation. If you need to send a cancellation message after the order has been sent, you need to respond with a Cancel message.
    If you send a Cancel message to a florist, the order is automatically marked as incomplete. You can then double-click that order in Message Center to open it in Order Entry, allowing you to either cancel the order in or send the order to a new florist. Until you cancel or resend the order, the order will appear in Message Center as requiring attention.
    Image:ImportantInfoIcon.pngIt is customary to wait for a Confirm message when you send a Cancel message, but it is not necessary to receive it in order to cancel it in your system or resend it to a different florist.
  • Sending an Ask message to the filling florist. The majority of time, this is to inquire about the order’s delivery status.
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