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The Refund window is essentially the same as the Payments window, except you are providing a refund for returned merchandise.

To complete the Refund window:

  1. If the refund will be given as a payment on a house account, you will need to fill in the customer information:
    • For a new customer, click Add to open the Customer Detail Information window, where you can fill in the General, House Account, and Custom tabs, before clicking Save and returning to the Order Entry window.
    • For an established customer, type the customer’s name and click TAB so that the system can locate the customer’s information, or click … to perform a Customer Search. Once you have located the customer’s information in the Customer Search window, click Select so the customer information will fill in the top part of the Payment window automatically.
      You may click in the Address Information and Phone Information areas to view other addresses and phone numbers that may have been entered for this customer.
  2. In the Payments area, indicate the type of refund. The Cash Due field will indicate the amount of cash to give to the customer. This field will usually equal the Amount Refunded and Total fields, unless the refund is being given in a different payment type. The Amount Refunded and Total fields should be equal at the completion of the refund.
  3. Click Complete to complete the refund.
  4. If required, enter your employee name, password, and optionally any notes in the Audit Trail window and click OK.
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