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  • As of FTD Mercury X3, FTD no longer supports Wireless Delivery Confirmation.
  • Both FTD Mercury Mobile (X3) and FTD Mercury Mobile Plus (X4) allow drivers to use their mobile Android and iPhone devices to mark orders as Delivered. See Confirming Orders for details.

Before a delivery driver can receive orders using Wireless Delivery Confirmation, he or she must be logged into the phone.

To log in to the phone:

  1. Press the menu button on the wireless phone.
  2. Highlight Java Apps and then press Select.
  3. Highlight etrace and then press Run.
  4. At “Please enter PIN,” type your employee PIN number (that was assigned in step 4) and then press Login.
  5. At the warning message, press Accept.

If you have jobs waiting for you, your phone will beep and you will receive the message “You have X new jobs” where X - 1 is the number of deliveries waiting for you (one job is the “route complete” job, which marks the delivery route complete). Press OK to accept this message. Note that it will take a minute or two after logging in for your phone to receive the orders.

To view jobs or mark jobs Delivered/Not Delivered (on the phone):

  1. Highlight Jobs and then press Select. The list of orders to be delivered displays. (Note that Route Complete is listed at the end of the job list. This will always be listed as your last job. For example, if you received 10 jobs, there will be 9 jobs to deliver, then the 10th job will be the Route Complete option.)
  2. Highlight the first job, then press Select.
    To mark an order Delivered/Not Delivered:
    1. Highlight Status and then press Select. On the next screen, the list of delivery codes that you set up in Mercury Administration displays. See Delivery Code Screen on page 24–38 to learn how to set up delivery codes.
    2. Highlight a delivery code in the list and then press Select. The order then displays in the jobs list with a check mark next to it.
      If the delivery code is a Delivered code, it marks the order Delivered. If the delivery code is a Not Delivered delivery code, it marks the order Not Delivered. Not Delivered orders can be rescheduled in the Follow Up Deliveries window in the Mercury Delivery application (see Follow Up Deliveries on page 14–39).

To view the details of a job (recipient and product information), highlight Details and then press Select. When you are finished viewing details, press Back to return to the jobs list.

To receive driving instructions (GPS users only), highlight the delivery address (option 3) and then press Select. It will take the program a few seconds to find your current location and then display the driving instructions.

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