Re-Printing/Re-Faxing/Re-Emailing Statements

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If you need to re-print, re-fax, or re-email a statement to an individual customer, you can do so in two ways:

  • If a statement failed to fax or email for any reason, you can resend it in the Fax & Email Monitor. Just right-click on the fax (in the Fax tab) or email (in the E-mail tab) and select Retry (to retry the transmission with the same phone number/email address) or Change Fax Number/Change Email Address (to change the phone number/email address before resending).
  • To re-print, re-fax, or re-email a statement for any other reason, you can do so in Statement Search (in the menu bar click Search, then click Statements) or in the Statement tab in the Customer Detail Information window (locate the customer through a Customer Search, double-click on the customer, then click the Statement tab).

Highlight the statement run that contains the statement, highlight the statement, then click Output.

Image:NoteIcon.pngTo select multiple statements, hold the CTRL key while you click. Or, click the first statement, then hold the SHIFT key and click the last statement.

After highlighting the statement and clicking Output, the Output Statements window displays. Here you would specify your options and then click Execute to resend the statement (this is the same Output Statements window that you use when you generate statements.

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