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  1. On the Tools menu, click Purge Customers. The Purge Customers window opens.

    NOTE: Only employees with the “Admin” job category can access this window.

  2. Click the Months since last purchase check box so that a check mark appears and the field becomes active. In the text box, type the number of months that no purchases must be by this customer in order for the account to be deleted. All customers that have no purchases in at least this number of months are deleted. (You can type a number between 1 and 99).
  3. If you want to protect house accounts from the deletion, click the Do not purge customers with a House Account check box so that a check mark appears.
  4. If you want to only delete customers within specific customer marketing categories, click the Customer Categories check box so that a check mark appears. Then select the categories of the customers that you want to delete.

    NOTE: Customer marketing categories are set up in Mercury Administration. If no categories are displayed in the box, it means that you have not set them up.

  5. Click Search. Customers that meet your purge criteria display in the Customers Selected for Purging box. Here you can review each customer account individually (by double-clicking on the customer) and decide if it should be purged. The customer is not purged at this point, you are just selecting the accounts to be purged.
  6. In the Purge column, all accounts are marked to be purged. To exclude a customer from the purge, click the check box so that a check mark does not appear.
  7. Click the Print button if you want to print detail information for each of the customers before you purge.
  8. When your purge list is ready to be deleted, click the Purge Customers button.
  9. At Are you sure you want to delete these customers?, click Yes.

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