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The Product Entry window is divided into several areas.

Product Details

The main area of the Product Entry window is for product details. You can enter the following information:

Option Description
Local Product Code Enter the product code in any format for this product. Typically, this should be short and memorable so you do not have to search for it when entering orders.

This is a required field.
Quick Pick Select this check box if you want this item to appear in the Quick Pick list.
Product Name Enter a short name for the product. This is a required field.
Active Select this check box if you want to offer this item for sale.

If this check box is cleared, the product is marked as inactive in your system. If you attempt to enter this product code in Order Entry or Point of Sale, you will be prompted to confirm you really want to use this inactive product. When you perform a Product Search from Order Entry or Point of Sale, inactive products will not appear in the results list.
Price Provide a default price for the product. When the product is chosen for purchase, this price appears automatically.
Premium Price Enter the price for the middle price point for the product. This field is enabled only if the value for Price is greater that $0.00.
Deluxe Price Enter the price for the top tier of the product. This field is enabled only if the value for Price is greater that $0.00.
Quantity on Hand When the Monitor check box is selected, you can enter the number of this item you have in stock in this field. Ensure you update the quantity when you receive more in stock.
Monitor Select this check box if you want FTD Mercury to monitor your inventory and warn you when the quantity on hand is less than or equal to zero. When you select this check box, the Quantity on Hand field becomes enabled.
Category Click the arrow and designate the category for this product. By default, all Selection Guide products have the category of Other.

TIP: Because Selection Guide products have the category of Other, you should avoid using this product category for your own products.

Product category types are maintained in Mercury Administration.
Occasion Select the occasion with which you want the product associated. You can then locate this product when you search by occasion.

You can also select --All Occasions-- to designate this product as one that can be used for any occasion.
Statement Category Click the arrow and select the category under which this product or fee should be displayed on customer statements.

Ensure this matches the product type correctly. For example, ensure all delivery fees have this set to Delivery Charge and all relay fees (including Retrans) have this set to Relay Charge.
Tax Code By default, this field is blank. If the product falls under a different tax code, click the arrow and select the appropriate code. The new tax code overrides the customer, store, and delivery zone tax codes for this product.

Changing this value is useful if, for example, an item is food and is taxed differently than other items in an order.
GL Account Number If you are using the legacy General Ledger module, the GL Account field is active. If you have the Accounting module, you cannot see this field.

Enter the GL account number to which this product should be attributed in this field.

Wire Service Product Codes

This area allows you to associate a local product code with a wire service product code. For example, if you create a local product code for a balloon bouquet, you can associate that balloon bouquet with the FTD wire service product code for balloons (.BLN). Then, if Include Product Code with Outgoing Order is selected, the corresponding wire service code goes out with the outgoing order.

To select a wire service product code, click the Search button (…) and select the wire service product code from the resulting list.

Care Instructions

This area contains the care instructions for the product. If another product already has care instructions you want to use for this product, you can click Copy to search for that other product and copy the care instructions to this product.

Bar Code

If you want to associate a bar code with this product, you can click Add to display a window from which you can either scan the bar code or manually type in the bar code.


The Stores area lists the stores where this item is available. If you are a single store, this will always be your store. If you have multiple stores, you can select the stores where you are offering this product.


The Image area allows you to describe the product, enter dimensions for it, and view/attach pictures of the arrangement for reference.

Option/Button Description
Description Enter a description for this product.
Size Enter the dimensions for this product. If this is an FTD Selection Guide product, this field is read-only.
Product Design Select whether this product is one-sided or all around. You can also leave this field blank. If this is an FTD Selection Guide product, this list is disabled.
Section If this is an FTD Product, the section in the selection guide where this product appears is listed here.
FTD Suggested Retail Price If this is an FTD product, the suggested retail price appears here.
Add Picture Click to associate a picture with the product. You can only associate new pictures with local products.
Remove Picture Click to remove an associated product picture from a local product. If you remove an image, you are only disassociating it from the product. The picture remains in the C:\FTD Album\product folder.
Enlarge Button Click to display a larger version of the product picture (if available).


The Recipe area contains the recipe for the product. Each line can contain the quantity, item, size, and color for each component of the product.


Click the Notes button to open the Note Entry window and enter any notes about this product. Any notes entered appear in the Notes area (so you can read the notes without having to open the Note Entry window).

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