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Delivery pools, common in larger metropolitan areas, allow multiple flower shops within a community to share delivery resources. High-volume florists often participate in delivery pools so they can expand their delivery area. Billing for delivery pools is typically handled by tracking orders on a form called a pool ticket.

FTD Mercury allows you to designate pool delivery zones, including specifying the address. When an order invoice is printed, it clearly states it is for a POOL delivery zone type. If you use Mercury Delivery, when you print the route manifest, the address for the delivery pool is used to route the orders.

NOTE: Contact FTD Technology Sales either at 1-800-767-3222 or by emailing TechSales@FTDi.com if you want to explore having customized pool tickets created for FTD Mercury.

Configuring Pool Zones

You configure pool zones from the Delivery Zone screen in FTD Mercury or from Mercury Delivery. If you have Mercury Delivery, you should perform your configurations there. When you set a zone as a pool zone, you need to provide the pool address. This will be used as the address when routing orders for the pool.

Creating a Pool Zone in Mercury Administration

To create a pool delivery zone in Mercury Administration:

  1. In Mercury Administration, access the Delivery Zone screen.
  2. If you have not done so already, create a zone for a delivery pool, and set the Delivery Type as Pool.
  3. With the delivery zone selected, click Pool Address. The Pool Address window opens.
  4. Enter the address where pool orders are to be delivered for this zone. You must enter a complete address, including street address, city, state/province, and postal code before you can save the pool address. No address verification is performed on the pool address you enter.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click Apply to save the delivery zone changes.

Configuring a Pool Zone in Mercury Delivery

To create a pool zone in Mercury Delivery:

  1. On the FTD Mercury Main Menu, click Delivery. The Delivery Snapshot window opens.
  2. Click Zones. The Create Zone window opens.
  3. Click Create Zone.
  4. Enter the information about the zone, setting the Delivery Type to Pool.
  5. Click the Pool Address tab and enter the pool address.
  6. Click Save.
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