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The Order Entry Item window is used to set tax code information for a specific item in an order. Additionally, this window enables you to change the product information you have in your product database (although you can already change it in the product grid in Order Entry and Point of Sale), including entering a longer description for an item.

Image:ImportantInfoIcon.pngThe Designer field is always inactive; set the Designer for the order in the Design Center window.

You can access the Order Entry Item window by double-clicking on the value in the Product Code column for the item in Order Entry, Point of Sale, or the Credit/Debit Memo window.

Canadian vs. U.S. Dollars

For Canadian systems, you can enter the product amount in either U.S. or Canadian dollars. If the value is in U.S. dollars, select US from the Exchange list. FTD Mercury automatically converts the product amount from U.S. dollars to Canadian dollars based on the exchange rates set in Mercury Administration.

  • If you have already selected a wire out delivery zone, FTD Mercury uses the wire exchange rate.
  • If you have selected a local delivery zone, or have yet to select a delivery zone, FTD Mercury uses the local exchange rate.
  • If you accessed the Order Entry Item window from the Credit/Debit Memo window, FTD Mercury uses the local exchange rate.
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